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Having been convicted by a jury, Mr. Harris came to our office asking for representation in a motion for new trial because his previous lawyer failed to call two key witnesses.  Although sentenced to imprisonment, the court allowed him to remain free on bond pending appeal.  The Court of Appeals reversed his conviction in this ORDER.  Having been granted a new trial, he was subsequently acquitted.

St. Clair County - Constitution

The Constitution is alive and well in St. Clair County.  In a highly-unusual move, the district court granted suppression of evidence and a dismissal of charges based upon the filing of a MOTION challenging an unlawful stop, and the search and seizure that followed.


Good representation involves not only a working knowledge of the law as it exists, but also the ability to anticipate issues which are ripe for change.  In the trial of the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club racketeering matter, Mr. Nagi was convicted of aiding and abetting.  The case law as it existed regarding aiding and abetting had been challenged prior to trial, during trial, and on motions for new trial following conviction.  Leaving no stone unturned, and recognizing the scant evidence necessary to convict in a federal case, the issue was preserved and argued on APPEAL in the Sixth Circuit.  After the Sixth Circuit upheld the trial court, Mr. Nagi PETITIONED the United States Supreme Court.  The United States Supreme Court then VACATED his sentence on the aiding and abetting conviction, which was ultimately dismissed.

Succesful Appeal in Sixth Court

In a complex prosecution of Mr. Safedine, in what was alleged to be a Klein tax fraud conspiracy, we were able to appeal successfully to the Sixth Circuit, thereby allowing the defendant to be released with credit for time served.  His original 21-month conviction was VACATED, and he was released with credit for time served.  Upon resentencing, his guidelines were calculated, his fraud computation was decreased from nearly $200,000.00 to less than $3,000.00 not only avoiding a huge tax liability, but the chance of deportation.

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